Let's Re-define beauty. Let’s re-discover beauty.


 Hi, I’m Melissa and I want to help women find authentic beauty. The kind of beauty their heart and soul long for.

Beauty can be hard to define. As women we are supposed to be beautiful, which usually means physically perfect. Aesthetically flawless. It often seems we can never do enough or be enough. And, sometimes, in a world filled with brokenness and suffering, it feels like true beauty is hard to come by.

At times, beauty seems impossible.

But what if true beauty exists and it is more brilliant than we ever imagined?


 Are you tired of being sold a broken brand of beauty?

The brand of beauty we are so often sold as women is way too small. It divides and dis-integrates us. I am on a mission to expand and re-discover beauty, authentic beauty. I believe beauty is the life of God at work in us and among us. Will you join me in exploring that kind of beauty?

Sign up and follow along on my journey. Let’s re-define beauty. Together.

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The blog

Join me on a journey of finding authentic beauty in the world. Not the counterfeit kind reserved for the toned and airbrushed, but a lasting kind of beauty. Eternal and sacred. Living and moving all around us.

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Meet Melissa

Seeker of Authentic Beauty. Writer. Marriage and Family Therapist. Spiritual Director.

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Mentor series

Let's change the the game by changing our mentors for beauty. This time internal and eternal beauty. Kindness. Generosity. Love. That's what our Mentor Series is all about.